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Our planet

We’re committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment. It’s not just about compliance for us or taking part in what’s trending; sustainability is embedded as a core principle across how we work, our processes and the greenest tech we can pass on to our everyday user – YOU.


of our waste is diverted away from landfill sites


Let Ready Go spaces are built to last 10+ years


of our electricity is green, renewable energy

We take doing our bit seriously and so going green is at the heart of everything that we do. We ensure that what we put in is either recycled or reusable, and what we put out never sees a landfill site - ever - for a healthy, green and sustainable planet.

  • We reupholster our furniture, use recycled materials, as well as chem-free paints to up out CSR

  • We have bike stores and showers at all of our locations so you can get to work carbon-free

  • We partner with cafe operators who source local and ethically sourced products

  • We only use sustainable electricity from renewable resources

We create spaces that positively contribute and impact the lives of those who work within them; we keep a long-lasting commitment to the future of our workspace and the communities that grow around them, focusing on ways to help connect, support and always add value.

We focus on delivering sustainable, efficient buildings with future ready infrastructure, investing in and actively promote sustainable travel, installing electric car charging points and top of the range cycle facilities for you to get to work, fume-free.

Being better

Take a look at some of the ways we're making our workspaces greater and greener.

Ready for your new workspace?

Step in to one of our spaces and step up to the challenge of bettering our environment.

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Our latest spaces

Crown House

ipswich from 12 – 48 desks Custom AND Go Available

Building inspiring business communities is at the root of everything we do. Crown House is full of fantastic amenities to help you and your business achieve its best potential.

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Altrincham Business Park

manchester from 6 - 12 desks Go Available

With your own front door it's easy to make your new workspace your home, all whilst enjoying the benefits of the local café & landscaped courtyard.

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Witan Studios

milton-keynes from 3 - 40 desks Go Available

Our courtyard and garden form the hub of the community. They are the perfect place to enjoy a coffee, hold an informal meeting or just take a breath and enjoy the surroundings.

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