Our Complete Service - Let Ready

Our Complete Service

Let Ready Complete.

Aspirational workspace. One Bill. Everything covered.

Introducing Complete+

Bringing all your rent and service costs into one easy-to-manage plan. Leaving you to focus solely on your business.

Save time + Money

Our super-inclusive package not only includes all your usual outgoings but also includes the management of your workspace by our team.

Why add Complete to your lease

  • Save time

  • Greater budget control

  • Lower internal staff costs

  • On site team to solve issues

  • Health & safety, fire strategy & training

  • Maintenance & statutory checks

Go the extra mile

Our buying power provides the best deal on cleaning and M&E helping the building run more efficiently and reducing the environmental impact.

— The best value packages

— Green electricity

— Recycling & waste management

— Daily cleaning service

— 4D smart building technology reducing energy wastage

Complete in 45 seconds

Round the clock support

Unlike other landlords, we have the internal expertise and can support with every detail in our buildings.

This includes facilities management, round the clock support and all health and safety aspects.

Let Ready GO

Fully fitted workspaces available on short leases. Easy to manage, ready to move into.

  • 6 – 60+ desks
  • Short term leases
  • Fitted and furnished
  • Inclusive rent
  • Easy cashflow plan
  • No capital outlay
  • No dilapidations
  • Own front door

Add Complete to your lease

One easy-to-manage bill, everything taken care of. You’re free to focus on your business. Wrap everything into one bill, add the +Complete service onto your Ready or Custom lease.

  • Focus on what you do best
  • Saves you money
  • Saves you time
  • Reduce your staff liability
  • Let the experts manage everything for you