Resolutions - Let Ready


We won't cover anything too cliché; diet tips, weight loss, less of the booze... These are all great goals for 2022, but there are also many other worthwhile objectives to set your sights on!

Build good habits, old and new!

Peace of mind

There are lots of little ways to build meditation or affirmations into your day, whether it's on your morning commute or just before bed. These can help with your sense of self, wellness and ensure you maintain a good sense of calm.


Sometimes a difficult subject to broach, but whether it's to pay off a certain card, reach a certain earning potential over the next 12 months, or just spend less day to day, this is a great and very tangible goal to set.

Take time for yourself

Whether this is finally getting round to reading that book in the quiet corner of a park, taking a bath with half of the Lush shopfront, or simply going for a run listening to the radio, making time for yourself is so important. We're usually really good at punishing ourselves for being lazy... but enjoy it! Even if it's just one hour a week, it's a great objective you can set and keep.

Friends & family

No matter what your personal circumstance, make time for nights out with your friends or date nights with a partner. It's easy to get swept away in routine and not see a certain person for months on end - pencil in one night a month (probably best after pay day!) to be a social butterfly and let your hair down.


We've all done less of this over the past couple of years than what we would like, and it may take us a little while to get back where we are. But book those trips - even if it's at a local b&b - to ensure you're taking a break. It's always a treat avoiding washing up and making the bed!