Tick, Tock - Let Ready

Tick, Tock

Lots of people hate changing their clocks when daylight saving time begins in March - it's the car for me! And the oven? Impossible. But the EU was more prepared than most to give up this tradition - European Parliament voted to do away entirely with the March and October clock changes in 2019.

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But the pandemic, Brexit and other EU parliamentary changes have pushed back the plans for us to stop springing forward and falling back. When are they set to return? No one know as of yet, but the majority of us seem to favour permanent summer time, around 60% according to polls. Though sleep researchers say brighter evenings could disrupt people’s sleep patterns.

It’s hard to say if the clock is running out for daylight savings time, though the effects of the twice-a-year time change have been linked to higher rates of car crashes, workplace injuries, street crime, heart attacks and general crankiness! SAD light, anyone?

In Europe, clock-changing will be sticking around for another year at least. But it's days are numbered. One day soon, we will not be jolted by abrupt shifts of time in spring and autumn — and will hopefully be very slightly healthier and happier for it... watch this space!