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Hey YOU – Stop Overworking

The lines between our work-life balance have almost totally disappeared, after what has now been a shift of the way we work, for way over a year now.

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We’ve probably all seen those LinkedIn polls, and know that the future of working is likely to be a split of working from home and still taking regular trips in to the office. So, in the long-term, we all need to know how to better balance the two and keep our time with our colleagues focussed, productive and make sure that when the end of our working day draws in, we actually switch off!

Have a designated office space

This can be tricky, particular if you have kids, live in a shared space or have a city apartment. Even if you're limited to one room, stand with a laptop at a windowsill when working to escape your bed or sofa, or find a spot outside your home if you can.

Take regular breaks

Set yourself the same breaks that you would if in the office, limited in time and away from your desk. Make time and space for lunch, coffee breaks, start when you're due to start and ensure you finish on time!

Implement some rules with colleagues

It's great to know your team have your back, but sometimes the expectation can develop for people to be available especially early, extra late, or when you're due a lunch break (and it's 3pm). Within your team, ask that there are no emails and calls after 6pm or before 8am, no back to back Teams calls to make time for breaks, and maybe phone on Fridays instead of email, to maintain good working relationships.


We know it's easier said than done, particualrly as the gyms have been closed for so long, but it's a great way to spend your break and lunch time and escape the same four walls. It helps you get a clear head and some perspective on what you have to do for that day and week.

Keep a routine

Stick to working during your working hours and take it easy with chores, the kids - even pets are a (cute) way to get distracted. Get up, showered and dressed to attack your day.