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Brighter days ahead

It's okay, you can talk to us - SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder can affect your mood and give you the winter blues. This is due to changes in the body's internal clock, and changes in your brain and body's chemicals.

Space that helps to balance your body and mind... whilst inspiring and innovating.

Where it’s employees responsibility to seek help if they’re SAD, good employers can make small changes to ensure everyone is as happy year round as can be.

4 in 10 of us feel that we have a poor work/life balance and are statistically more likely to take more sick leave throughout the winter months than any other time of year. Brits say they feel ‘under the weather’ in two out of every five working days in winter, with January having the most ‘sick days’ recorded in Britain; during this month, the number of sick days recorded is 53% above the average of the other 11 months. Where the ONS says that that the main causes include coughs & colds, stress, depression, and anxiety, a lot of this could be attributed to SAD.

However, it’s not just sick days that can be associated with SAD – more than half of UK workers are significantly less productive during the winter months too. There are other environmental factors like darker days and gloomy nights putting big dents in our motivation.

Luckily our light and bright spaces do their best to naturally combat any seasonal gloominess, and if you still need an extra hand, we have bright LED lighting powered by green energy to pick you up.

Our locations are either in bustling city centres or have in-house café facilities to keep you happy, fed and watered, housing independent providers who source from local producers.

Gym facilities are also available at most locations as prioritising well-being proves to make people more productive, more pro-active, and last but not least, happy!

Easy leases are available for peace of mind too, printed only on 6 simple pages with no jargon, pitfalls or need for solicitors. Win!

As the clocks are set to change this weekend, brighter days are coming! And we couldn’t be happier about it.