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Advantages of Hot Desking & Flexible Workspaces

Working habits have changed hugely in the last three decades. The decline in British manufacturing and transition to office based work, from information technology to finance, and the service sector – factory floors have been replaced by huge office complexes in every city and town in the UK.

The daily grind of such practices has been encapsulated perfectly by UK sitcom ‘The Office’ where the politics of every day office life are challenging and sometimes entertaining.

As with every industry, technological advances bring change, and the most dramatic change to how we work, since the perfection of steam power, has been British scientist Tim Berners-Lee’s invention of the World Wide Web in 1989.The web as it is now known, effectively gave rise to the internet. This changed everything, from how business and people communicate, to the creation of new industries and workplace practices, to sharing of information and data, it truly has had a profound effect on trade and business around the world.

One of the biggest advantages of the internet, is its enabling of businesses to allow staff to work from home. In many cases this can save expenses when it comes to office rental, electricity and rates charges and reducing the level to which people need to be managed, workers are now often judged on their quality of output rather than how well they fit in in the office.

Many companies also offer flexible hours, to work more freely. This is ideal for people with childcare commitments and those who may be late risers or find it easier to concentrate at a certain time of day rather than set office hours. Whilst this is great for many, with that freedom can come a feeling of isolation and loneliness.

With this in mind, the increase in hot-desking and shared office space has spread rapidly from London to other cities across the UK such as Birmingham Leeds, Manchester and even large towns, the new way to work is to split the freedom of home working with the more inspirational co-working spaces such as Alpha Works in Birmingham.

This new breed of office space is an ideal way for tech companies, media, marketing, and finance businesses to spend a few days each week or even month, in a professional calm environment away from the distractions of the house.

The benefits of renting hot-desk office space are easy to champion. Workers can share ideas with different industries, or ask for help from their peers. There is no set time or routine to stick to, you can arrive late in the afternoon and work until the early hours with secure 24/7 access.

Alpha Works for example, has a gym, bike racks and showers all within a secure basement. There is free coffee and tea, regular community events and showcases. Quiet rooms, private office space either for long term or individual meetings. Free electricity and high speed wi-wi. Great views across the city which can be inspirational in itself. Friendly staff, and a real community atmosphere.

Office space and hot-desking can be log term or purchased in blocks, or days which can be used as and when you want. Just getting out the house for a few hours can sometimes be worth the small cost in renting office space in this way.