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Getting in the festive spirit

It's easy to fall into the same old habits at this time of year. Set menu at Las Iguanas, anyone? But sometimes you need a little more inspiration than stood around the office water cooler after a turkey sandwich, talking to your Manager, about... work.

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We all need something to look forward to – taking into consideration the last couple of years or not – because this is a time to celebrate the year gone by, raise your glass to the year ahead, and let your hair down a little! Make the most of the festive season with these Christmas party ideas, for both inside and outside the office.

Escape rooms

Usually for teams of up to 6, these are a great way of having some alternative fun and getting your teams to work together! You can always create your own too, and have a themed or fancy dress escape room or murder mystery! Good luck, Detectives.

Game night

From a simple beer pong table in the kitchen, to foosball in the office, or bringing in a console and picking up a dance mat for a fiver! The possibilities are endless! You can even hire karaoke machines for the night, for the odd duet.

Dinner and drinks

This doesn't have to be as cliché as it sounds. Cheese and wine pairings hosted by a pro could be a great way to get people talking who usually don't work together, points could make prizes too for those who want to get really stuck in. You could also go to a local cookery school and make dinner yourselves, and for each other, alongside a glass of red or two. There are also Bake Off events up and down the country when you can make sweet and savoury treats just for fun, or having a bit of friendly competition between yourselves (and the other attendees), too. Get, ready, set...

Company Quiz

This doesn't have to be exclusive to your team! Get your neighbours involved and get competitive! Who wants to be Quizmaster? It can be themed, about each other or your team mates, and you could have a great prize for the team who comes top!


Let's get physical! This idea doesn't have to be exclusive to paintballing in case some of the team don't want to be covered in bruises for a fortnight afterwards! Curling, bowling, ice skating, there are centres that offer indoor skiing and skydiving too... the world's your oyster!

Don't forget!

Regulate your drinks - feel yourself getting woozy? You don't want to be the person everyone's talking about Monday morning. Always keep an eye on your tipple, and don't be afraid to swap it out for water if you've had enough. Having sparking water in a wine glass usually throws people off and can stop them piling on the pressure too, if you're teetotal.

Get home safely! You can car share with colleagues, get your boss to pay for door-to-door taxis and let people know when you're tucked up in bed.

Sit on absolutely no copiers, even if your feet are killing you! If you wouldn't say or do it in the light of day, don't' get carried away in the dark of the night! And have fun!