Summer Office Days - Let Ready

Summer Office Days

We've all been there; the agony of sitting in an office when it's 30+ degrees outside, you can hear the distant trill of the local ice cream van, music from that once-a-year convertible, and you'd like nothing more than to escape to a pub garden and get some serous tan lines!

Is outdoor space important to you? Or do you need something to keep you cool inside?

Seek space with amenity, outside areas where you can hotspot, or toggle onto the Wi-Fi. Even if you’re tethered to a PC over a laptop, your office provider should give you great options for breaks, whether these are gardens, courtyards, or even nearby parks or woodland. This is possible even on the most built of cities, so don’t accept any less! If you can’t enjoy this where you are currently, get in touch with us – it isn’t being done right!

Fit out

Probably the easiest thing for us to tick off - making sure your workspace is as comfortable as possible for those hot summer days. Whether it's windows that actually open to allow in fresh air, high-spec A/C or a comfort cooling system to keep you all chilled, we will have it covered.


In these spaces there should be a multitude of events for you and your team to enjoy; whether it's beer pong with the team, a simple BBQ or an all-out DJ and cinema screen (yes, we tick all of these boxes), they all add to your working day.