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To Square Foot or Not To Square Foot?

That is The Question! People looking for a new home for their business have had to consider so many changes to how they use the space not just now, but moving forward too. When addressing the need for space, sometimes it's hard to know what to look for, where to start, and what jargon you need to learn in order to understand the brokers, agents and other property people you might meet along the way.

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Quite often, you’ll know the head count that you need to accommodate, for your ‘now’ or growing team. You’ll also know whether having a private meeting room is important to you, a shared or private kitchen, and if you’ll need any comfy sofas for guests or break times. However, somewhere along the way this may be converted into, square foot, square meters, and it might not always be relatable or compute with the original amount of desks you need.

A lot of companies are naturally going to be downsizing office space to accommodate rotas, new shift patterns, and they are going to need to be a lot more “strategic” with their layout. We can help people ultimately “cut” the square footage amount they think they need saving a bit of money but getting a lot more for it as well.

Most recently...

a major construction company were looking for around 2,500 sqft, but were only looking for 20 desks. When Let Ready proposed a 26 desk space at 1,535 sqft we were told that wasn’t nearly enough space - this space included 6 extra desks to their requirement, an 8-person meeting room, private kitchen and breakout space. Always check what's included for your money too! This comes entirely fit out and with no entry and exit fees - bit sqft per £ doesn't always mean value for money.

Square footage can be easily overestimated.

This can end up costing you more money that you don’t need to spend. Ask for space plans if it helps you to picture what you need; it's easy to confuse how much square footage you need, compared to desk space.

Let us know how many people you need to seat.

And what other requirements you need? Any collaborative spaces, break out lounges, or meeting rooms can all be factored in. Let us design the space and maximise your square footage.