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Socially Distanced Office Parties

So, Coronavirus continues to take its toll on our everyday lives here in Ipswich. With so much of the UK now under the Government's Tier 3 Lockdown, and the rest looking on expecting to follow suit, it is easy to give up on getting back to those monthly work social events, or hopes of any Christmas parties. Many companies, traditionally, will have by now, booked their Christmas parties in bars, restaurants , hotels, function rooms and a plethora of events based venues. However, this year it's all different, you can't turn on the TV without more depressing news about the pandemic. Fear not though, all is not lost!

One thing is for sure, more and more event based businesses have had time to prepare for another lockdown, thus catering for clients in a more virtual world, whether it be an online event, or zoom party, we take a look at a few ideas which will enable your office team to still meet up (virtually) and enjoy a but if much needed fun in the face of Covid restrictions this winter.

Nyetimber Virtual Corporate Tasting

Nyetimber offer the chance to entertain clients and colleagues with a private, virtual tasting of award-wining wines. An entertaining and educational way to engage with your office pals, these sessions provide an informal setting to learn about the pioneers of English Sparkling Wine, with a glass in hand, from the comfort of your own home. An expert Brand Ambassador will guide you and your guests through the story and people behind Nyetimber and the process involved in crafting critically acclaimed sparkling wines, together with a tasting of each of your selected cuvees. Concluded with time for any questions you might have, be it about the brand, product or process.

Typically, the session will last for up to an hour and involve tasting three wines. Tuition will be charged at £100 per session with a minimum number of five orders/households, with three bottle mixed cases starting from £115 (including UK delivery).

Your dedicated host will get in touch to discuss your tasting session in detail, tailoring the event to your specific needs, confirm logistics and to book in a time and date of your choosing.

Long Distance Secret Santa

Secret Santa is one of the most popular events in the office Christmas calendar. However with many people now working from home or with staggered and sporadic office attendance Secret Santa may seem a thing of the past. Good news is, with a little but of ingenuity and organisation, office managers across Ipswich can still light up people's lives this Christmas with a socially distanced Secret Santa gift exchange. The creation of online generators, means the party organiser can now send out a secret Santa giftee. The simple logic is there, buy a gift then post it directly their home. Then use Zoom or similar app to organise a group video call where workers can open their gifts at the same time. There are various online Secret Santa Generators to choose from. The best ones will offer an email link where the generator sends them a name and that's their Secret Santa.

Online Escape Rooms

Escape Live's online experiences bring the thrill, fun and excitement of an escape room to your home or workplace. Offering Live Video experiences as well as an Online Game. • Child friendly • Play from the safety if your home or workplace • Play with friends, family or colleagues anywhere • Fun and Exciting Are you looking for a team building event with a difference for your business or organisation? Escape Live is an innovative and original way of getting people to work together to overcome challenges and solve problems. In small teams of up to five people, participants have just 60 minutes to escape a locked room before their time runs out. Their only chance of beating the clock is to put their heads together and act as a team.

Create Your Own Virtual Pub Quiz

Everyone loves a good pub quiz now and again. The last national lockdown witnessed local pub quizzes in Ipswich go online with their virtual hosted events which proved popular and kept people's spirits up! A virtual pub quiz is only as good as you make it, so here are a few tips on how to make it a successful one. Find a good reliable platform to host your quiz. In the UK apps such as Zoom, HouseParty or Google Hangouts are ideal for a virtual quiz, or any online social event for that matter. Zoom is probably the most popular in the UK with screen-sharing functions. Make sure your quiz host or question master is dynamic and competent, there is nothing worse than having to sit through a badly organised online event. Preparation is essential, as is the need to allow people time to get their answers down. Research a variety of topics, three or four rounds of between eight to ten questions can last between one to two hours. Popular topics are Music, Geography, TV, Film, Sport and General Knowledge. What about making it relevant to Ipswich by having a round on local knowledge, bars, restaurants, sports teams, locations, local history!

Share the questions via email as well as being spoken out. This ensures those with flaky connections will already have the questions in front of them in case the audio breaks up. Most quizzes have a break. This could just be an opportunity to nip to the loo, make a cuppa or pour another wine and a bit of banter between the host and the teams.

Finally, decide how you’re going to mark people’s answers. The best option is to get people to email you their answers after each round, or if you trust your teams to mark their own papers and read out the totals. However if all this sounds like hard work, do a search for online pub quizzes and you can join one of your local boozers for some serious quizzing!