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Tips when working from home

Flexible hours, no commute, no car parking worries, 'free' food and drink and working in your PJs! There are lots of benefits, but we know there can be some pitfalls too.

Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated, focussed and on track when your home becomes your office too, particularly if this happens over night and you may not be as prepared as you’d like. We have some tips below to help, and let us know if you have any more! We’d love to share them.


Whilst adjusting to this new way of life, though temporary, it can be hard to stay motivated. Why not make a playlist? Something to dance around the house to, walk or run to, or even an insightful podcast as a way to use this time to educate or challenge yourself. It's a great way to avoid screen time too, even if for a short while.

Social distancing

Don’t let social distancing let you feel disconnected from work. Stay connected. Ensure you still keep social interaction and build opportunities for socialising into your day. Talking with colleagues “in person” through video chat can be productive and good for wellbeing, individually and as a team.

Food & exercise

It can be tempting while you're at home to raid the fridge or the cupboards; snacks are sometimes a welcome distraction from work. Try to use your morning daily walk, run or bike ride as time to plan your meals for the day. This can include healthy snacks to stop time procrastinating over lunch choices and will also keep you mindful of what's in the kitchen, particularly regarding any items that need rationing at the moment. Great for mental and physical health.

Working hours

Tips when home & lone working; work in short bursts. When in the office, your day is normally broken up with meetings, lunch & chats with colleagues. Impose some structure on yourself; try working 45–60-minute chunks of focussed work, followed by a short break. This can be an effective way to break the day up and maintain concentration levels.