Our remote-working team - Let Ready

Our remote-working team

Of course in the current climate we are encouraging our team to stay home and stay safe wherever possible.

At this time of uncertainty, we want to unite our new remote workers more than ever, and wanted to write about each of our hard working, home workers. Meet the people in our new, virtual community!

Alex, Alpha & Tricorn Studios

Usually Alex is talking to as many of our community members as possible. This might be in the lift on the way to their floor, over a coffee in the reception or during one of our regular networking activity onsite. Today she's having regular catch ups with her team from home & planning lots of fun events for the summer! She's definitely missing the Alpha Works members, though.

Jade, SH Studios

You can usually find Jade at Stuart House Studios in Peterborough looking after our members, showing people around the spaces and hosting events for the community. Jade has also been promoting our new in-house artwork commissioned by Peterborough College! She's currently working reduced hours in the mornings, while home schooling her son the afternoons - our hero!

Olivia, Witan Studios

Olivia usually runs Witan Studios in Milton Keynes. This includes meeting new members for a show round of the space, to signing new people up for tenancy, as well as the day to day running of the building, making sure everything is ticking along smoothly! Today she is working from home in Northants, with her husband. He runs his own business in Europe, and so they are both grounded for the foreseeable!

Heather, Workspace Manager

Heather oversees properties in MK, London, Peterborough, York and Sheffield. This usually involves lots of travelling, meeting new members, people helping us with community projects as well as work on social posts and events. For now, she's working from home with her 14 year old (we should say this is a cat, Camilla), and making the most of our one exercise allowance a day by running 5km every morning.

Rebecca, Forge Studios

Normally, Rebecca head up the Kirkstall Forge Life team that arranges activities for tenants from free massages to pop up stalls offering free eye tests and florists for the special times of the year. Rebecca also makes the most of the beautiful valley surroundings by offering rambles, deckchairs and ping pong tables for the brighter months. At the moment, Rebecca is working from home and looking after herself, awaiting the pitter patter of tiny feet to join her family.


As a provider of beautiful workspace it hurts us to this this – but #stayhomestaysafe. We will be here waiting for you, with open arms, to welcome you back when we have reached safer times. We can't wait to see you!