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Moo year’s resolution – fun ways to get fit in the city

Christmas is over, your presents have found homes, and all you’re left with is the feeling that maybe your new year’s resolution was a little ambitious.

Work out in the gym. Or excercise in the garden & courtyard?

Losing weight and exercising more are two of the most popular new year’s resolutions around. They’re also two of the most broken. However, getting fit in Milton Keynes doesn’t have to be boring, restrictive or pass-the-digestives soul-destroying. In fact, Milton Keynes is full of, dare we say it, fun ways to get fit and make your resolution a hobby rather than a chore.


MK’s redways and parklands are also ideal for anyone planning to pick a pair of running trainers this year. If running has you reaching for the snooze button, hold that thought. Local ‘Group of the year’ winner, Redway Runners, can help to make running more enjoyable than you ever thought possible. With a variety of social and fun runs for absolute beginners through to ultra-marathon runners, you can get started and addicted to running, very quickly. Plus, we’re also extremely lucky to host two Park Runs in the city, at Linford Woods and Willen Lake. These5 km runs start your weekend on the right foot and enable you to challenge yourself in a non-race environment. To find out more about Redway Runner’s next beginner’s course, click here.


Milton Keynes was made for the cyclist, with more than 200 miles of redways and 500 acres of parkland, woodland and lakes to explore. Even better, cycling doesn’t have to take up all of your spare time either. Cycling to work increases your life expectancy, saves you money and quickly becomes “the way you commute to work” rather than something you have to do when you get home. Plus, with fantastic shower, changing and storage facilities at Witan Studios, there’s really no excuse to not cycle to the office. To get involved, why not sign your company up to Love to Ride UK’s local challenges to compete against other Witan Studio members.

Trampolining, skiing, skating and ping pong

Who said that your fitness resolution has to follow a traditional path? Forget gyms, wheels and even trainers - trampolining, skiing, skating and ping pong can see you reach your fitness goals in a way that doesn’t feel like fitness. Trampolining, skiing and ice skating are all high-intensity workouts that burn calories, strengthen lower body muscles, improves flexibility and engage your core muscles. And, even picking up a table tennis bat at Witan Studios on your lunch break gets your muscles moving while improving your stability, balance and coordination. If heading to the slopes or trampoline park tickles your fancy, click here.

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Not all gym work has to be boring either. Crossfit Milton Keynes provides a high-intensity workout that is constantly varied and challenging. Local outdoor fitness company FitMK provides boot camp style workouts at Willen Lake and Campbell Park. Specialist spartan gym, Atlas Fitness, provides everything you need for bodybuilding and weight training. And, there are plenty of local gyms to choose from if a more traditional workout is your scene.

And that’s not all

Finally, it’s important to remember that good health isn’t just physical. Your mental health is equally as important. From getting some fresh air at the local parks to attending a local mindfulness meditation or tuning into MKFM’s Mental Health Hour on Sundays at 7pm - taking care of your mind, heart and resolutions is easy in the city of dreams.