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Sheffield’s Christmas Markets

Christmas has been celebrated in the UK on the religious calendar for hundreds of years. Amongst the many magical and wonderful traditions to have evolved, the decoration of Christmas trees, carol singing, Christmas cards, decorations and mince pies, one tradition rains above them all, the Christmas Market.

Also in the city centre...

Every town and city across this land will be visited by these temporary stalls and cabins for a few weekends or in some cases several weeks each year and Sheffield is no exception.

Oliver Cromwell tried to restrict large scale Christmas celebration in Britain during his reign in the 17th century, thankfully Oliver’s army holds no water these days, and a Christmas Market can be a fab way to shake off the winter blues and evade the repetitive Xmas TV adverts.

Sheffield is a very green and beautiful city and Yorkshire in general is full of creative, artisan types who like to explore the great outdoors. Whilst Sheffield city centre is not quite the Dales, it still entices those looking for unique craft goods for santas sack courtesy of the Christmas markets.

The Sheffield Christmas market is a highlight of the winter season. Located in Fargate and within the Peace Gardens in Sheffield city centre, it’s a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in festive cheer and have a good mooch.

There are the usual wood cabins which provide an assortment of sweets, craft goods, decorative and unique handmade gifts. A great way to ensure your relative can’t take it back, ha!

As with all Christmas Markets, Sheffield’s Christmas Market includes some fab food stalls including a traditional German Sausage grill and ice cool Alpine Bar.

With the trend in Christmas Markets growing bigger and lasting for longer Sheffield’s is no different. The market has grown from just a small handful of cabins in the central retail area of the city to a large sprawling festive hubbub of 50 or so cabins.

This year Sheffield’s market will provide a Big Wheel ride where punters can enjoy the city from up high and a santas grotto where the little ones can have their photo taken with Father Christmas – not the real one obviously as he’ll be in Lapland.

The Christmas Market will run in Sheffield from Thursday, November 14th and carry on until Christmas Eve.

Customers are able to access the market from 10am until 6pm on Sunday through to Thursday and until 8pm on Friday and Saturday.