Our mission is simple - we make finding a home for your business easy. No hidden charges, no nasty surprises. With the best locations across the country, from London to Glasgow, you’ll have a ready-made business community and buzzing social calendar right on your doorstep. Literally.

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Milton Keynes

Witan Studios

from 3 - 40 desks

At Witan Studios, we’ve designed everything with you in mind. Nestled in the Central Business District of Milton Keynes, it’s just a short walk from Milton Keynes Central station and easy to get to by foot, car or bike.

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Norfolk House

from 10 - 30 desks

Norfolk House is a luxury location for businesses in the centre of MK. Just over the road from the listed shopping district, Centre:MK and in sight of the city's Cornerstone Cathedral, Norfolk House boasts a dynamic and thriving business community.

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